A gentler alternative for dementia care

Calmology is a gentle, drug-free alternative to help people living with all types of dementia. Our clinically-trialled care strategies and plant-based formulas provide practical tools to help avoid harmful cycles of distress associated with dementia.

The first dementia-specific bodycare range in Australia, Calmology bodycare formulas contain many enriching ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter and other rich oils and herbal extracts with a range of beneficial properties. Easy to apply, the formulas are absorbed through the skin to help you provide comfort and simplify the daily routine of the person with dementia. Calmology is available all over Australia – especially helpful for people living in rural or remote locations where accessing support can be difficult.

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Support for carers and family

Specifically formulated for aged care needs, the Calmology range includes products and training that has helped many people living with various types of dementia, including Alzheimers, vascular, Parkinsons, early-onset and Lewy Body.

Carefully developed in consultation with healthcare professionals over many years, the clinically-trialled range is designed to support physios, OTs, nurses, family and friends with everyday care and hygiene. Massage is not required, unless preferred, with 1-2 minutes for application. Our range of products and care strategies come with comprehensive instructions (and material safety data sheet for residential facilities and allied health professionals).

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Calmology toolkit

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Calmology consultations and products have assisted many people across Australia who show agitation and distress in dementia. These symptoms and behaviours can impact the workload and health of family, carers and fellow-residents.

Our specialised care strategies have been developed over time, informed by thousands of hours supporting hundreds of people living with moderate-advanced dementia and the valued feedback from their carers.

Find out more about our Calmology range and care strategies – and how they can help you. Suitable for: carers, families, physios, OTs and RNs.

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Workshops and training

Calmology workshops and training offer a viable, clinically-trialled intervention for people with demential agitation.

Our training package has been specifically designed for registered nurses, physios and OT’s whose focus is to provide flexible, individualised care. We can help you broaden your scope of practice and better support your facility as a progressive care site.

We support any initiatives to increase staff to patient ratios.

Find out more about our informative Training and Kit package. Suitable for: allied health providers, aged care providers, physios, OTs and RNs.

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We have broad experience in assisting carers in providing other care options for the following symptoms:

  • Restlessness in the afternoon & evening
  • Compulsive behaviours – constant pacing, vocalising etc
  • Severe emotional distress
  • Anger, aggression and erratic moods
  • Nocturnal restlessness
  • Panic and distress with hygiene

Calmology is the first demential-specific bodycare range in Australia. Our exclusive plant-based formulas are topically-applied to aid relaxation, offer gentle pain relief and temporarily reduce symptoms of agitation. We also have gentle products to assist with daily hygiene. We always recommend patch testing as standard practice. Please notify Calmology before purchase if your patient has any allergies.

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