A new tool for the Carer’s Toolkit

Calmology offers practical care strategies, phone consultations, bodycare products and kits to assist with the ongoing challenges of dementia.

Calmology is proud of it’s popular range of aromatherapy care accompanied with strategies and consultations (when required) especially developed for our dementia community.

We support the carers and people with dementia by offering pain rubs (developed for people with dementia), body oils and creams, practical care strategies and daily relaxation routines which may provide a non-drug alternative to meet the growing need for enhanced quality of care and possibly reducing the use of anti-psychotic medication.

Calmology formulas incorporate natural essential oils and plant extracts as their active ingredients in bodycare products which are topically applied to aid relaxation, offer gentle pain relief and temporarily reduce various symptoms of agitation; we also have gentle products to assist with daily hygiene and drowsiness.

After hundreds of consultations with caring health professionals and at-home carers across Australia we have painstakingly developed very unique Calmology formulas.

If you are related to a person with dementia; a caring GP, physio or OT or naturopath; or an aged care professional please take time to look at what we have to offer.

Calmology - Unique Australian Formulas Assisting Natural Relaxation in Elder Care

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The Calmology Ease Cream and Oil I have used for the past 6 months for my mother who has late stage Alzheimer's Disease has provided a welcome and effective alternative to pharmacological
management of distress and agitation especially when she is experiencing "sundowning" or disturbed sleep at night. It's easy to use and side effect free!


A new tool for the Carer's Toolkit